01 May 2013


I want to share with you about my dream I want to be Rich. Is it a wrong dream? When I talked to my friend even some of my family too about my dream they were said it is impossible. Don't too high, I'm pretty sure you will get sick by your dream. Oh no (tears), do you know actually I'm getting sick from all of your negative comments. For me, nothing wrong with my dream. One day, my friend asked me what is my dream? I told that I want to be this..that..my friend replied...I'M REALLY UNDERSTAND YOU ARE XXXXX, ONE DAY IF YOU HAVE A HUSBAND, YOU JUST A WIFE WHICH ALWAYS SPEND YOUR HUSBAND MONEY TO GET ALL WHAT YOU WANT. I remain silent because I don't want to showed up I'm mad. But deeply inside in my heart, I'm really sad. Just because of my dream..people tend to judged me negatively. Still, I keep this dream :)

[ Photo take from Instagram @celinedreams ]
unveil my dream in future to wear designer clothes, handbags, shoes, nice house, luxurious car together with lovely husband, three beautiful/handsome kids and great job. During my mid-term break, I went to nearest bookstore to bought You Can Be Rich by Patricia Ikiriko book as a guidelines. Am I too much? Lucky for me, I'm share the same taste about book with my dad. Compare to me, my dad have a lottttttttt books about RICH. Hurm, other than that, now almost my family dad, mom, and lil brother love to read novel. Meaning that, my family hobbies was reading. So, the point is they understand about my dream.

According to this book, in order to be rich we must:
-Looking beyond your background
- created the reign, succeed and excel
-master keys to great achievement
-step out of your comfort zone and face your future
-hold the dream
-swimming against all odds
-never give up in life
-it is never too late to make it in life
-shattered but not scattered


Nadia Abdullah said...

We share the same dreams. hehe. btw, sentap dgn komen kwn u. tak semua isteri kejenya habiskn duit suami..


Give me five :D
I sedih bila kawan sendiri ckp mcm gitu.
klu I dah kaya, I akan beli apa yang I nak by my own money. tak perlu minta duit suami.