30 April 2013


Not shoes, handbag also will perhaps carry numerous tales for you personally. Celine was a new branded name that I discovered a month ago in Instagram. What can I said about this brand was always classic, youthful, and showed how level you are. First thing when I knew about this brand I rashly searched the history because when it is about handbag, I do not want to be ketinggalan zaman to know it. Even I know I already ketinggalan zaman. What comes in my mind about luxury things always LV, Prada, Gucci, Coach, Furla, Fendi, and many more. Celine was a new things that I should marked as 'CHECKLIST ITEMS WHEN I AM RICH' SERIOUSLY!  

After that I go through searched in Google and wow it's actually one of the top handbag this year. Meaning that, if you are wearing Celine this year, you will get attention by others. Talking about the design was exclusive and if you ask about my opinion I love wearing any handbag which called 'Boston and Hobo handbag, large size (I only have a few small size bag), unique and Celine one of it match my taste.

 Spot: hollywood celebrity carry their Celine

Pink for girl. If for mine I choose all color. Can? :D

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grace said...

What an awesome collection! I love the celine bags! http://www.tejidospolitex.com/celinebags/