30 May 2013


Not everyone can spend their time for reading a book. I love reading books so much. I started to love it since I was in primary school. Today, I'm feel so depressed with myself, people around me, and related my studies. Sometimes, I  want to share my problems with somebody but I don't feel that was the correct way. I don't feel secure. To reduce my pain my stress by myself, I went to Harris Bookstore, Aeon Tebrau City. Do you know what? I'm feel relaxed when many books around me.

MY favorite genres mystery/crime/thrillers

I wish to have that Gossip Girl book one day
Due to my card chip has problem, I cannot have it today.

Basically, this is what I wore today. Just a simple tribal cardigan, black long inner sleeves, palazo and brown shawl. Selekeh right? Another activity after reduced my stress-window shopping. But ada jea I shopping sehelai baju & skirt :P So, I should not called it window shopping. Ok Bye!

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