14 July 2013


Its July, a month that I hate so much. But on this year I cannot hate this month because its Ramadhan month. So how's your Ramadhan? Is it great? Mine just plain because I need to take final exam on this month. Alhamdulilah its over yesterday. I tried my best  to caught remaining marks + carry mark. Overall, its just okay. Some subject I can smile brightly because if the carry mark is over 60, I get around 50 above. But there is two subject that I'm worried about; International Business (IBM530) and the most tough subject Telecommunication (OSM554) Urgh! Imagined I need to understand and memorized all the systems, software, hardware, component. So anyone reader who take Office System course, please study hard with that subject. 

For my last paper, I decided to wear Bawal scarf due to my laziness to lilit shawl. Sometimes there has a time that you are bored with something that frequently did. Hihi ;) Okay done Part4, next coming September will continue my Part5, then another next semester is my practical. I cannot imagined how busy I am in Part5 - thesis, 3 subject with 4 credit hours, MUET, my commitment with MYUFM, plus+ other side activities. Dah macam Kak Limah tahu?

 whatever it is try to be chill.

To be A lady with class-Believe in determination to be the best, no matter how hard the road that have to travel- I love this quotes and I think its really match with my personality. Like what I have mention in my previous post I want to be Rich. So I don't care on what ways, what difficulty need to face as long in future the result will be like what I dream but of course take the right ways. So, whatever hard it is I should go another two semester and  take it positively because I believe my future. 

**The reason I hate the most July is because I'm not lucky on this month. In my previous life, I met one
     jerk.. Almost the important date was in July and I really hate it.

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