06 May 2012

A couple.


couple with MBMJ Iphone case.. totally awesome! 

If I can get deanlist for this semester I want Iphone together with MBMJ Iphone case.
but the most I want is:

I want my family.
ps: Ini baru separuh keluarga majidee belum datang semua lagi. during openhouse at my home last year.
the most want is.... especially...

Razak family.
I remember my mom's word even you are trying to hide your problem solve it by yourself, at the end you will look into your family to solve your problem. Sometimes your friends only can hear and advice you, but to solve it you need your FAMILY. The more I grow up, the more I need and love my family rather than my friends. Plus I don't need boyfriend to accompany me when I'm alone because one day I'm only need my husband what I means is Real Love and Halal.
my grandma always asked to me whether I have boyfriend or not. Maybe because she think at my age I should have boyfriend but I'm only asnwer like this, when I'm ready after finish all what I want, suddenly come one man asking for me to get married with him I just say yes I agree.
My mom also think & agree the same things with me Peace ;)
so just be with my family until when the time is coming my dad will pass me to my husband.
then it is my hubby turn to take care of me :D
then give a birth three kids as a present to my hubby ONLY THREE haha

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